Hi there! 

I am Philipp, a product & design leaderinnovation & design thinker, and product & user experience designer

Currently UX Director at Elsevier, living in Amsterdam.

I love to work with passionate teams on ambitious projects and get new things started. Read on to know more or contact me to get in touch!

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Product & Design Leadership

I help product companies establishing and maturing their product and design practice. This starts with establishing “Design” as a creative problem solving mindset that can be applied to everything, from designing a product or service, to teams, to the entire business. I help defining and implementing related processes and frameworks, from single teams to large scaled agile frameworks and product lifecycle models. I build and manage design teams, find and hire talent, grow and coach designers, and scale all this through fostering on open and design-driven product culture.

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Design Thinking
& Innovation

The knowledge and experience required to build innovative and differentiating solutions and products is abundantly available in every organization. However, often it’s not effectively put at play due to centralized, silod’ed, and hierarchical organizational setups and static processes. Here is where design thinking can make a significant difference through focusing an organization on solving better problems for their customers. If customer problems are deeply understood, outcomes are clearly defined, and experimentation is fostered and encouraged, organizations will see better and more relevant solutions. One way to start and accelerate such lean innovation is through facilitating creative problem solving workshops with cross-functional teams. I design and facilitate such innovation and design thinking workshops, using a variety of different methods and format. This includes customer journey and ecosystem mapping, service blueprint workshops, lean innovation workshops, design sprints and others.

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Product & UX Design

Once an organization developed a proper practice of understanding customer problems, formulating hypothesis, and defining measurable outcomes, it needs the super power of product and user experience design to find the best possible solution. Here is where the whole spectrum of iterative, user centered design processes and methods come at play. I can run a project through the entire design process, starting from user and customer  research, design and product strategy, sketching and wireframing, interaction design and prototyping, all to way to visual interface design and branding. My strength however lays in the conceptual and architectural part of each design project.

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UX Community

When I moved to Amsterdam I was amazed to find a vibrant, self-organizing user experience design community here which organized free gatherings, talks, discussions and more. I joined many of these events, got inspired by great talks and presentations and had the urge to "give back" to the community and contribute. That's how I got in touch with the team from Amsterdam UX and joined them. Together we are organizing monthly meetups, workshops, roundtable sessions and one big yearly event - the Amsterdam UX Camp. Have a look at upcoming events and meet me there if you are in town!

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Further Reading

Every project that confronts you with new challenges and obstacles is a great opportunity to learn and try something new! Experiment with a new method, test a new tool, read an inspiring book, collaborate in a different way, whatever it might be. Some things work, others don’t – but hey they teach you something. In this section I share discoveries worth sharing with the wider product and design community. Hope you find it any useful!

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