In Summary

I am product & design leader, innovation & design thinker, and product & UX designer. I love building and managing design teams and organizing cross-functional product communities. Currently I do this at Elsevier as UX Specialist, based in Amsterdam.

I am deeply passionate about the entire end-to-end spectrum of discovering, designing, and building digital products and services. This includes the full spectrum of UX research and design methods and tools but embeds them into the larger framework of lean and agile product management and product development principles. I experimented with all these topics and gained experiences in various companies and roles over the past 12 years.

My primary focus was usually set on complex B2B and B2B2C scenarios. As part of this I worked on a variety of enterprise products for web content management, e-commerce (optimization), digital asset management, campaign management, social intelligence, documentation and knowledge management, AI/ML driven machine translation, as well as translation and localization management. Before that I worked in the air traffic control field as a human factors specialist. Besides that, I love to connect and engage with the UX community at large and am actively involved in running UX meetups and bar camps in Amsterdam.

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For details and background on my professional career please have a look at my LinkedIn profile or download my “offline” resume in PDF format below. Besides this you can stop by at Twitter, check my Dribbble profile for some random design shots, or get an idea what captures my visual attention on Instagram. The simplest way, however, is to get in touch and ask :-).

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