Design Systems Virtual Summit 18


Design Systems is the new thing every UX team is working on, planning to work on, or at least is talking about. There are countless of tools and stories related to design systems all over the internet, but where to start?

UXPin (one of the tools) organised a virtual summit around the topic and had plenty of great speakers from the product and design industry sharing their ideas and experiences around Design Systems. I think it's a great start into the topic, find links to recordings and slides below!


Consistency vs. Flexibility in Design Systems: A GE Case Study

UXPin: State of the Union Product Keynote

Should Designers?

From the designer's laptop to the user's – and everything in between

The Organizational Impact of Design Systems

Creating and Maintaining a Design System for 130 Teams

Initiating and Sustaining Design Systems for the Enterprise

Creating Experience Principles for UX Systems

Evolving your Design System: People, Product, and Process

Thinking in Symbols for Universal Design

Accessibility in Design Systems


Most slides can be found on Slideshare